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greener earth, inc. offers the best in fire ant control

fire ant mound fire ant mound
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our premium treatment will give you one year control. guaranteed! using top choice, by bayer agri sciences, we are able to give better than 97% control guaranteed for one year. step 1, we will spread top choice on your grounds, then step 2, treat with bait materials areas where the critters hide and are hard to get to such as square footage covered by pavement, hardscapes, or mulch fabrics. the result-safe barefoot entry!

have you been bitten by fire ants?

fire ant bites
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the active>here to visit bayer's web site.

fire ants

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we are a licensed certified applicator and the fipronil product we use is designed for licensed applicators only, containing 40% more active ingredient than a home do-it-yourself product like "over & done". learn more by visiting bayer's web site.
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